Systems Integration for Higher Education

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Amazing NIC Benefits

Scalable Cloud

Develop and deploy applications without hardware constraints. Designed to support your institution’s rapid growth.

Rapid Deployment

Don't spend your staff time "herding transactions". Our system integration adapters are on the shelf, and ready to go.

Reduce Complexity

Lets you grow your portfolio of connected systems without creating a myriad of disparate connections.

Access Control Support

NIC supports many types of access controls, authentication servers and protocols your institution may or may not have in place.

Solutions for Higher Education

Automation of transaction management via NIC allows the CIO to decisively redeploy a significant amount of high cost human resources from tasks involved with transaction herding to other projects looming in the portfolio. Of no less value is the peace of mind knowing that all transactions, including those involving PII and FERPA related data are securely transacted according to rules set in place, limited to only the information required for the transaction, and then securely voided following successful completion of each transaction.

Automation of transaction management need not occur at the price of the security of PII and FERPA related data.NIC's Port-Of-Entry and Endpoint Visa design ensures that transactions in transit include only those elements that are required for the transaction, and that the stream is extinguished following successful transfer to the endpoint.

Two facts determine much of your success in the student services arena. First, your student service operations are only as good as your transaction processing throughput. Secondly, millenials (and their parents) expect to see immediate results when they turn something in, and waiting 24-48 hours for a test score or a required form for financial aid to be posted on their admissions checklist, is perceived by millenials to be an intolerable breach of service level expectations. NIC enables secure, automated transaction management between systems, removing the need to have humans taking care of things that could be done immediately. Instead of the usual 24-48 hour SLA mantra, NIC frees your employees to focus on final evaluation rather than posting.

Connectors and Adapters for Partners

Connectors and Adapters for Partners

You have the solutions your customers want and need, but integrating those solutions into your customers' ecosystems means overhead and extensions of your sales price -- often above your customers' price point.

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