N2N Services

Attract, engage, retain and graduate more students with N2N Services integrated Mobile, Portal and Learn platforms. We’re transforming education through student success powered by technology.


Realize unparalleled success throughout the student lifecycle with N2N’s integrated Mobile, Portal, Learn and Analyze platforms.

Did you know 68% of prospects have viewed college content on a mobile device? Attract more qualified students with our powerful lead generation tools supported by best-in-class industry research.

Engage students with on-the-go tools for differentiated, personalized, flipped and blended learning and discover the source of student satisfaction—powered by technology. Plus, retain students longer with robust tools for automated early risk identification and interventions like targeted remediation—driven by analytics.

And, what happens when you better engage and retain students? Increase graduation rates to watch students go forth and conquer and watch your Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Engagement (ROE) pay off in spades.